Politics is the Problem

Are there any states/cities that speak well about their neighboring states/cities like they’re brother and sister? Was thinking about this today and it seems to me that our entire country is sub-divided even more due to their “Pride” for their city or state.


Sports alliances are built on this. Businesses alliances. And then entire cities and states are looked at as if the people all represent the minority extremists. Meanwhile all the regular people are wondering why we can’t have discussion between our states so create a free market.


I mean why is it that Colorado can do what they’re doing, with the success they have, but when they speak to other states/cities then they are ignored. If these people were truly in it for their city/state/country then they would constantly be in open discussions trying to bring the goods and services that one area has to the next area.


Instead of regulations to stop the flow of commerce, we would have the free market our country was born to fulfill. We would have a nation of entrepeneurs, artists, and engineers who worked together for the collective good. We would have very few housing issues due to the incredible innovations that we could build at little to no cost. America could be the closest thing to “Heaven on Earth” as possible.


“THERE HE GOES SPOUTING HIS RELIGIOUS CAPITALIST NONSENSE!” many oppressed depressed will say. However I have to respond that “Religion and Capitalism aren’t the issue. THE ISSUE IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN POLITICIANS! They were the secret cause to all Religious wars. Can we please wake up and stop buying into a sytem that clearly isn’t built for us?”


The system of US. The System of the United States. The system meant for you and me was “faith, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” It’s about time that we seek after those things more than anything. It is time that we stop being apathetic and fearing our death(ego-death) and try something new. It is time for us to quit the job that doesn’t serve us and to begin trying the things that do.