We realized that festivals are great "battlegrounds" for helping to expand consciousness and have a good time while we are at it.  This is why we attend festivals. This is why we provide guest services at festivals for entertainment companies. This is why we create and plan festivals. All in the name of spreading consciousness and love.


The fight for consciousness doesn't stop with dancing your heart out at a festival. No, the social responsibility for a Cowboy extends beyond having a good time and sometimes requires us to get our hands dirty. We are dedicated to helping make America a great place for everyone to live. We are involved with social projects and political demonstrations.


We love music and are pretty sure you do too. A large reason we created this organization was to help provide friends, family, and everyone in between with new music. In addition to providing new music, we will eventually be moving into creating our own music as well as creating a studio for others to express their talent. 

With every new age the techniques of old are forgotten or re-remembered and assimilated into the developing culture. Today we are rediscovering the spiritual and healing teachings of our ancestors and finding a way to use them into our everyday life. We have a group of professionals in various healing area such as Reiki, Psychology, and certified Pastors to help individuals who seek to know more or simply need some guidance.


Life Development Programs
Feeling stuck in life? Need help to expand your knowledge, spirituality, or physique? We have a group of physical trainers, psychologists, musicians, artists, and other professionals dedicated to helping individual's awaken their true purpose in life.
Event and Festival Planning
We're so experienced in going to festivals, that we're actually pretty good at throwing our own. Or maybe you don't need a festival, but want a cool party. Then let us throw that for you too! You just focus on enjoying yourself and leave the rest to us.
Festival Training and Group Services
We can provide consultation on what to bring, when to get there, the do's and do not's, the culture of the festival, and how to keep safe during the experience of a lifetime. In addition, we will offer group matching services for individuals or small groups who would like more like-minded individuals to party with.
Healing and Counseling
Want to learn more about energy healing? Need someone to talk to about your issues without judgement? Maybe you need a routine or two in order to get those hips back in shape so you can go dancing. Whatever the ailment...we can probably help you heal or lessen the symptoms.



Locations: Denver, CO/ Chicago, IL/ Atlanta, GA


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