Low Hanging Fruit

Anything in life can be rationalized as being valid depending on what premise you begin with, so I fall back to a system in which the actions I make(which are inherently selfish due to our physical body’s internal drive to not die) limit pain and hurt on others and maximize my and their happiness.


If the action I make causes more unwarranted harm to them, then I try and not do it. Even if the gain for myself is great.


Most people aren’t going to do this. The majority are going to take as much as they can, but in doing so…in grabbing the low hanging fruit. They limit their growth potential. By making the game harder for those that do the right thing, they unintentionally create the very “heroes” that will rise to overtake them.


It’s the basic premise of the Bible. The Hindu Vedas preach a system of self discipline, love, and growth alongside most other major religions(when not being manipulated by power hungry people).


There’s a general “flow” eral “flow” to this universe and truth exists. There’s a lot of things we can group together and decide is “true,” but that still doesn’t mean it is truth. I think that love for yourself as others is the ultimate goal. If you can see yourself in everyone, then you can help both them and yourself grow continuously.