It’s honestly very amusing to hear others talking about God as if he is “Authoritarian” or a child. If you actually read the Bible from cover to cover and have reading comprehension and reality comprehension skills above the basic NPC setting that most of the world is set on, then you will see an AUTHORITATIVE parent style. This is the style that is accepted by 99% of Psychologists as being the best for the growth of a child.
Also, the fact that he takes life from individual humans is a moot point as he is in essence life itself. If he takes the life of a human prematurely…then he is essentially killing a cancer on himself/herself as we are simply minuscule cells of a larger spirit organism. Death takes us to the void to be purified and re-imagined in our perfect glory as a new being made righteous through the blood of Jesus Christ.
The sacrifice made by this Prophet and Son of God created a mechanism for individuals to call upon the Positive aspect of creation(God the Father) and merge it with our negative pole(Kundalini/Mother Earth/Lucifer) and gain creative, protective, and destructive powers close to our Father/Mother God. All one has to do is call upon his name.
However, this “calling on his name” is more than simply singing the name of Jesus. It means to live your life in a way that expresses love in each of your actions. It means to read the Words of God(ALL RELIGIOUS TEXTS). It means to fellowship with your fellow human and to find out their passions and help to build them up. This isn’t Christianity.
It’s Humanity.