Recently I’ve been watching the Bruce Lee story on Netflix and I’ve noticed a trend that rubs me the wrong way. Everyone constantly tells Bruce to stop fighting for what is right because the world is corrupt and it will bring misfortune to him and his family. The father gets so caught up in this ideology that he even tells Bruce to stop fighting and just learn to “endure” when people are being unfair.


However I see this unrelenting warrior spirit against the wrong in this world is the same one that got MLK, Jesus, and other social heroes of the past killed. The curious thing is that most conscious individuals will revere these people as heroes fighting for the “greater good,” but don’t seem to adopt these principles in their life. They recognize the representation of a Truth, but choose not to do anything about it.


My question is…why are they able to fight against the evil in the world, but each one of us is too afraid to stand up for the little guy in our day-to-day. We yell at others in traffic and blame anyone and everyone but ourselves for our problems. Where are the heroes? Have we become so disconnected from reality that we believe that Heroes only wear capes? We blame the government, but the government is rarely interacting with us. They’re the boogie-men and we’re the victims.


And if somehow individuals rise above this victim mentality, then they become stuck in the rat race known as “The American Dream.” I don’t get it. Why is it that getting a job and making money to amass things or go on wasteful vacations is seen as the highest level of prosperity? Do people really believe this or are they so apathetic to hoping for a new earth that they accept it and join the game? They will speak and preach about supporting local business, artists, and projects but will then spend all their time and money on corporate-produced entities. All the while complaining that the world sucks.

We are supposed to be the Dreams of the Great “I Am.” However, egoic peoples and oppressive systems have destroyed the connection to the Greater God, while promoting your inner god as the only truth. This can’t be as there are then billions of Truths individualized as human existence. However, it could be that together our truths can be arranged into a larger picture, the perfect Truth. This Truth is the Great “I Am.” It extends beyond borders, beyond cultures, but it forever includes them all. It promotes the individual as a cog in the greater being. Our societal structures should follow these principles of God, but today they represent the principles of Legion. This means that there are many competing voices stuck competing for control of one body instead of billions of cooperative voices attempting to harmonize into One.



“I once had a dream long long long ago. When I was a kid and I didn’t have to know. I just imagined, and believed in all the things meant to be, meant for me, separated by greed, fear the in between. Do you wanna see what I’ve seen? Know where I’ve been. It’s the same as you, my friend, just covered in different illusory infinities. Mental insanities or infinite possibilities. It’s all perception, it’s all love, it’s you and me. It’s our destinies. Intertwined to create a better reality.”


-The Mystic