Americans, The Spoiled

Let’s talk about privilege:


Privilege is being able to bitch about how bad your life and country is from a super computer in your pocket while there are literally millions desperately clinging to life each day.


Privilege is deluding ourselves so much that we have citizens killing one another over the actions of our ancestors(of which no one alive has been directly affected).


Privilege is the definition of being American. We don’t live in a utopia and only a small percentage of inhabitants have it bad. The rest of us are privileged…. NO we SPOILED.


Less than 100 years ago we as a country could barely feed its inhabitants and yet we are supposed to be the heroes of the world. We’ll the world is a tough place to live. The sooner we shut up about how we were First World inconvenienced and start empathising with those who actually have problems… The sooner we will rise as a prosperous people.


I’m really actually curious. How many people out there are eating one meal a day to survive. How many can’t afford a place to live… And how many are too spoiled to do WHATEVER it takes to survive. I would bet that life is tough for most, but not impossible. I would bet that very few who complain on Facebook have had to skip multiple meals a day.


The United States of the Spoiled Rotten. It’s no wonder we have a spoiled president to represent who we have become as a nation.